Believing You Are In Control Controls You


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Full Transcription:
Control is one of these topics that can be tricky and confusing to talk about and that’s only because the mind cannot understand how there is no control it won’t be the understanding of no control that will help you realize it you have to go beyond the thinking mind

To see how this is actually possible meaning you can experience what I’m about to speak about which will in time clearly reveal to you that there truly is no control and what a relief this really is once you get it you will be able to realize there is

No control the moment you step out of the identification with the ego so I’ll try to direct you to the experience of realizing that there is nobody here that’s in control I’ll start off with something really simple for you to see you can realize right now that you are not in control of

What thoughts rise you are that which is silently watching thoughts come and go you were here before that thought you’re here as that thought is here and you’re here as it goes away as another thought comes in and the only one who who says they are in control of thoughts are more

Thoughts that you aren’t in control of even the thoughts that say oh why I’m not in control oh why I got it you aren’t in control of those neither if you were in control of the thoughts that pass through Consciousness you for sure wouldn’t be choosing the thoughts that you are experiencing right

Now that that may be causing unnecessary stress and suffering you wouldn’t choose to have thoughts of worry or thoughts of Shame and overthinking for sure wouldn’t be here thoughts arise on their own and for a second notice that notice that even if you want it to stop thoughts right now

It’s possible to stop them for a period of time if you already have a strong relationship with presence but even if you do a thought will eventually arise and you had no control over when or what thought came this is why meditation can be so frustrating and exhausting for a lot of

People because they go into this pactice trying to stop thoughts but that’s not the goal of meditation first things first meditation isn’t something you do it’s something that is happening because there is nobody here to claim to be the one in control of doing the activity of

Meditating if your goal is to stop or slow down thoughts thoughts begin to slow down on their own once you let go of trying to control them trying causes resistance and whatever you resist persist all of this thinking continues because of our resistance to the Natural

Flow of Life the moment we latch on to a thought thinking continues that’s what thinking is thinking isn’t something you do it’s what happens when you grab onto a thought then another thought arises then another thought Rises then thoughts about how to stop thoughts eyes and you

Grab onto those thoughts and now your mind is going 1,000 M hour we try to figure out if we are doing something right or wrong which you’re also thoughts you are not in control of and we become very impatient and frustrated because of this and even

All that activity is out of your control and this only continues because you believe you’re in control of it but as you begin to allow what is to be and you allow thoughts to flow or being that which isn’t the thinker of those thoughts you actually gain the control

You were looking for but it’s not a control that the mind can understand it’s almost as if you take the seat of being the witness when the illusion of control drops and from this place you have the ability to see through the conditioning of the ego and

Body which allows you to control your perception and reaction to what’s Rising which of course begins to reprogram the body mind it’s like everything begins to take care of itself and you can’t control dropping the illusion of control it’s an illusion meaning there never was control and there never will be there’s actually

Nothing to drop there’s just something to see this illusion can be so strong because of the belief that you are a separate person that you are the doer it’s the ego who claims to be in control but the ego doesn’t actually exist so of the one who claims to to be

In control doesn’t exist and how could there be control when thoughts say no this is a lime definitely in control well who is it that’s in control if you say me well investigate who this me is isn’t this me taking form through a thought that you also aren’t in control

Of because that’s what the me is it’s a thought the one who claims to be the Thinker and controller of thoughts is just another thought the one who claims to be the listener The Seer the doer the talker is a thought even without this ego me that

Claims to be in control things still happen when I say you are not in control this doesn’t mean sit around and do nothing for the rest of your life talking still happens without a me here that’s claiming to be the one doing it listening still happens seeing still happens conversations activities all still

Happen thoughts still rise feelings still rise you were never in control in the first place anyways and obviously things were still happening bills still get paid kids still get taken care of you also aren’t in control of what emotions arise thoughts and emotions are conditionings and you aren’t and you

Never were in control of your conditioning the body mind can be programmed like an AI and a video game and when you’re completely identified with ego you’re being controlled by your programming and conditioning by thinking you are in control but as you become conscious of your Consciousness and as you see

Through the illusion of control you begin to tap into the flow of life which is the control you actually want because you are the flow of life it’s the flow of you you are this life force that animates everything you begin to low but this intelligence that moves

These vessels we can call it intuition it’s like all there is intuition once the illusion of control drops away that guides everything perfectly and it’s not like you’ll feel separate from what’s Happening you’ll actually feel way more connected than you have ever felt because you’re

Allowing all there is to be all there is which is this life energy that that you are it’s all there is and if there is confusion rising and doubt Rising that’s perfect just notice it and realize you’re not even trying to think those thoughts they’re just happening the Mind hears something and

If it’s developed an interest for it it begins to try to understand it and comprehend it all of that happens on it Zone emotions like frustration or fear may rise and you didn’t choose that it’s just what’s happening if someone is running at you with a knife it’s not like you can

Choose for fear to not rise or to rise whatever emotion arises it happens without a me here who can claim to be in control this is why it’s actually false to say I am angry or I am afraid those statements make it appear as if he chose those

Emotions the correct way to see these emotions would be to realize that you aren’t angry there’s just anger here you aren’t afraid fear is just here now a good way to begin to see that things happen on their own is to begin to see the small things that randomly happen throughout the

Day maybe the feet begin to rub together on their own maybe the body tries to adjust itself maybe you start scratching touching or twitching these movements happen all the time without us realizing it and they happen on their own and I know we can all relate to those moments where we catch ourselves

Doing something and we stop and say what the hell am I doing or why the hell did I do that it happens all the time another thing to begin to drop this illusion is to stop trying to control your pain a lot of people who are isolated or people who suffer from

Anxiety are very attached to the illusion of control they feel feel like they can manipulate life so that they don’t experience a specific emotion or sensation it’s most likely why they choose not to go out in social situations because they believe staying away from those situations gives them

The ability to be in control but you’re fooling yourself you have no control over what emotions rise in certain situations and I know that that may sound scary but the realization of that actually gives you the control of how you perceive emotions it gives you the control you have been seeking

For which eventually allows you to eliminate the fear of feeling feelings and then anxiety can no longer affect you no feeling or thought will be able to have the effect it’s had on your experience and I know how real control feels and you don’t have to get rid of whatever

Feeling is attached to the illusion of control you just realize there is no control regardless then that feeling is no longer as perceived as the feeling of I feel in control it’s just a sensation now I know feels like if you want it to you have the free will to turn this

Video off but let’s get deep here if time doesn’t exist this means everything is happening right now which means everything has already been written there’s probably an infinite amount of realities that have been written but regardless everything is already set in stone in some way there’s a reality where you did turn

This video off and there’s a reality where you didn’t turn this video off and whatever happened was out of your control because there is no me here who’s in control of anything life is just happening and it’s always been this way it’s just that the ego has created

The illusion of control so that it can appear to exist exist the ego wants to exist so bad but it doesn’t because only existence can exist only God can exist only you can exist and you is all there really is why did you create Egos and all of

This stuff who knows it’s just Consciousness playing with itself that’s all this dream really is is and the one way it can experience itself is to create the illusion of separation and the illusion of Separation can only appear to be real if there is the illusion of a separate self

That can appear to be an individual who is in control that’s the ego that’s who you think you are now when you’re beginning to see through control there will be fear that arises because when there is no control there is no you the ego

Dies and if you have a fear of death the ego will be able to pull you back into those thought storms we have to realize that death is also an illusion the only thing that can appear to die is the ego so know that fear may rise a lot of

Uncomfortable emotions may rise and it’s all out of your control just watch it have patience and allow whatever Rises to flow once who you think your steps out of the way life begins to guide this vessel in the most magical way and you get the control you have always been

Looking for which isn’t the control that you’re thinking about about I know there will be people asking about manifesting and doing this and that those things can still happen without a me here who claims to be the one doing something there has never been a doer

And there has never been control in the first place test an illusion of it people may ask about those who have committed crimes and things like that it’s all just happening and these violent crime comes from the programming and conditioning of ego I know there’s a

War going on right now war is literally a battle of egos I’m more powerful than you our country deserves more respect we are better than you whatever the case may be it’s all coming from an ego perspective and honestly from the perspective of what we all truly as the

One Consciousness that is dreaming this all nothing is wrong and as more beings begin to awaken to this and their nature as Christ itself they change their inner World which will change our world we can’t change the world by trying to change the outside you have to

Start with yourself I just want to say I appreciate anyone who is doing this work you don’t understand how Brave and Powerful you really are this is by far the most painful and difficult experience a body mind can go through you’re literally dying you’re going through what it’s like to die just so

That Christ can be born and expressed through these vessels so be more kind to yourself you’re fulfilling your Soul’s purpose it’s not easy but in the end it’s worth it

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