Becoming Your Future Self and Bring it To Reality | Euphoric Hypnosis Visualization Meditation

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Full Transcription:
In this meditation you will be traveling deep to your future to experience a day in the life of your future self revisit and practice this daily to manifest your dream life ten times faster than before I’m so excited for you to experience this please close your eyes and get

Comfortable you will need to be relaxed as much as possible for this so we will start off with a quick full body relaxation and then we will shift into your future Please take slow deep breaths throughout this relaxation place your awareness on your face and let go of any tension relax every muscle relax your neck relax your shoulders relax your arms relax your chest and stomach feel the air coming in and out of the body Relax your hands and fingers relax your feet relax your ankles and legs relax your whole upper body take one deep breath on the exhale let go relax your whole lower body on the exhale let go now feel your whole body as one sensation of energy and relax Now let’s begin with your mind’s eye imagine waking up in your dream bed how big is your bed how many pillows do you have on it take one of those pillows up and see how it feels you’re starting to notice how comfortable your bed actually is and how soft your covers are

You look around your room so grateful that you get to wake up to your dream room every day that smile on your face is just warming your heart up as you get out of bed and stretch you feel the texture of your bedroom floor on your feet You get up and make your way to your bathroom you can feel every single step on your way to the bathroom as you walk and you become so grateful for the way your bathroom looks look in the mirror and look at yourself how do you look what is your current hairstyle

Of your future self what are some of the affirmations they repeat in the mirror to affirm how special they are what is your dream job what do you personally love to do and if you could be making money from doing what you love imagine this version of you who’s living that dream

There is a marker next to the soap dispenser in the bathroom take it up and write your dream career on the mirror it can be more than one whatever you dream of Notice that this version of you is already living this be so grateful that you never gave up on your dreams and you really achieve everything you said you would now picture yourself in the backyard the sun is out and you are Barefoot in the grass you can feel the heat and loving energy

Of the sun on your skin you can hear the sound of nature around you your heart is filled with so much gratitude right now now you have never been so much in love with life you have the mindset you have been working for you have the confidence the

Money the looks the dream job everything really did work out for you You have so much self-love and acceptance that anything outside of you cannot affect or change who you are on the inside because you decide how you want to feel and you feel good Take a look at your phone your bank just deposited the money that was pending what numbers do you see what does it make you feel Foreign with this amount of money you decide to order a brand new car that will show up as soon as you order it go ahead and purchase your dream car What color is it are the windows tinted what year is the model You just received another message telling you that your car is out front waiting for you please make your way outside through your front door Take a look at it it looks even better in person grab the keys from off the hood and get inside what does the interior look like how does the seats feel on your back turn the AC on a little bit and feel that cool air as you relax and smile

Inside your bran new vehicle you’re relaxing and becoming so grateful for everything you have accomplished just say thank you a couple times and take a couple deep breaths foreign Career even if you can do your dream job from home today you’re deciding to go to another building you own to work before you drive off connect to the ox and put on your current favorite song hear it as you are driving feel the steering wheel and every turn you make You have arrived please get out and go to do what you love create a mental movie of yourself doing what you love and make it the best experience ever feel everything Foreign That was amazing thank you you have just finished doing what you love to do and it’s time to go back home you were there for some time as you walk out to your car you look up at the night sky you can see the stars and the moon the world feels like it’s

Yours get back inside of your car and find the best nighttime song to drive to and drive back home foreign You have made it back home be grateful for the safe roads and the great time you had today walk back into your house and take another look around you did this you made your dreams come true walk back to your room and return to your comfortable bed and just lay down

Take another deep releasing breath and just say thank you you may move your fingers and toes in the physical reality now and open your eyes notice how you brought feelings from the future to this present moment those feelings were real and you have access to those feelings

Whenever you want that’s all we really want in life is to feel good we want our manifestations because we think they will make us feel good but we can feel good without having those future manifestations right now if you can assume you have everything you want

Already and you can feel them by law they will come to you so practice this every morning and night and watch How the Universe begins to change and deliver all of your desires thank you for listening Foreign

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