Become Unbreakable | How To Become Emotionally Intelligent

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Full Transcription:
Isn’t it frustrating when you’re feeling an emotion that you don’t want to feel it’s controlling you and you can’t seem to find a escape from it you’re anxious when you don’t want to be anxious you’re afraid when you don’t want to be afraid that heavy chaste feeling

Is just so uncomfortable well if you continue to allow your emotions to control you life will continue to feel like it’s beating you up becoming emotionally intelligent will 100 percent make you invincible nothing and nobody will be able to affect you and to achieve this level it does take time but

It’s possible for everyone and you can start your journey right now today so here are a couple ways to practice being emotionally intelligent and invincible number one feeling your feelings the only reason why these Sensations in the body control us is because we constantly try to resist them we

Constantly try to not feel them but that’s not the correct way to get over your feelings the next time you begin experiencing an uncomfortable emotion find the courage in you to just feel into it just feel it you don’t need thoughts to feel you can

Just feel it don’t judge it don’t try to change it just to observe it what this is doing is changing your reaction to the emotion and no reaction is the best reaction when it comes to feeling your feelings just be present with it and let it do what it has to do

These emotions don’t want to stay in the body but you are blocking them from passing through by resisting it the only reason why you think these emotions are bad is because of your thoughts about it your thoughts will create stories about your feelings keeping you in a loop of

Negativity there is no such thing as a bad emotion it’s just uncomfortable notice that it’s just an uncomfortable feeling it doesn’t become bad until you label it you see we all experience the same Sensations when it comes to feeling emotions but we all react different to them once you can change your reaction

You will change your life number two meditation you can actually turn feeling your feelings into a meditation when you can get deep enough into a meditation you will take the seat of the Observer and you will be able to observe any and everything that may be present in you in

The moment meditation will allow you to also become aware of what’s going on awareness is the first step in change when you’re able to observe what’s going on without attaching yourself to it you will begin to see how your brain and body works giving you the ability to

Change it to what you truly want think of meditation it’s an upgrading station for your human character in this game of life this is where you can go into upgrade and change everything you can change your thoughts you can change your beliefs you can literally be whoever you

Truly desire to be if you want to be invincible and unbreakable you can create yourself to be this way without the need of anyone’s validation from the outside most of us care too much about what others will think if we change well just notice that that is just a belief

And beliefs can be changed you don’t have to care you don’t have have to worry and that leads me into number three realize that you are responsible for how you feel nobody is making you mad nobody is making you anxious or scared or whatever it may be it’s you you have to

Realize that you are responsible for your feelings the only reason to react the way you react to certain situations is because of the way you perceive it it’s your thoughts about a situation that makes it bad it’s the way you react to it nobody else can be responsible for

Your feelings because they are your feelings if you no longer want to be scared of something it’s up to you to change that reaction to whatever that may be it won’t happen overnight but doing the inner work to change it will do so when you can accept the fact that you are

Responsible for your life you will take back so much of your power stop blaming others for your life you’re giving them your energy don’t let someone stop you from being you so if you really want to be unbreakable you have to unlearn everything that you may currently know you have to stop

Listening to what others think and what Society thinks and begin thinking for yourself people that think for themselves are usually the most successful people because they understand that this is their life and that they have full control over themselves and that’s all they care about let go of control of the external

It all starts within stop trying to change what’s on the outside because you have no control over it you have zero control over the outside but you have one hundred percent control over what’s going on within you when you change what’s on the inside by law the outside has to change you are

So powerful you are literally the creator of your reality so if you want to be unbreakable then be it if you want to no longer have fear in your body you can achieve that just knowing that this is a possibility should give you hope nobody is coming to save you find the

Self-love and courage in yourself to trust yourself if you can’t trust yourself then you can’t trust others and they can’t trust you remember this process does take time feeling your feelings will be very very uncomfortable because you haven’t been connected to your body in years meditation will also feel uncomfortable if you aren’t

Experienced with it yet but that’s all it is it’s just uncomfortable and if you can’t handle being uncomfortable well then you can’t be unbreakable the best time to work is when you don’t feel like it I hope this gave you a new perspective on life thank you so much for watching

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