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Full Transcription:
You don’t exist yup just like that I’m getting straight to the point you don’t actually exist I’ve touched on this topic multiple times what I think a deeper inquiry could be necessary the funny thing about life is that in some way everyone is looking for some

Kind of Escape you don’t want to be the person who is anxiety the person who is constantly overthinking the person who is a past that they can’t let go of Etc and the moment you realize that who you think you are truly doesn’t exist you will also realize that you have never

Been this person to begin with and it’s actually one of the most liberating and beautiful experiences for the sake of this video I will be using the name Jack to further explain what I mean by you don’t exist because you do exist but just not as who you think you are

First you must truly realize that the only thing that holds you back from realizing what you truly are is your belief in thoughts if you believe you are your thoughts you will suffer and if you believe in what those thoughts are saying you will suffer these thoughts randomly rise and over

Time we have just grown to believe that we are the one thinking maybe because these thoughts have your voice or they appear to be personal but you are also not your voice nor are you truly a person The mind is literally that which causes fear anxiety regret and even seeking it’s all the mind and if you can constantly see this over and over and over again to will eventually bring that light of awareness to the ego and it will begin to diminish just sit for a couple minutes or hours

Throughout the day and really just notice the activity of the Mind see how it’s always either thinking about the past or the future and it’s never here in this very moment because the mind can’t think present you can only experience presence you can’t think it notice how it randomly brings up fear so

That it can grab your attention the ego knows how to grab your attention if you are someone who is constantly seeking and overwhelming yourself with spiritual videos the ego will constantly be thinking about all these Concepts you’ve learned and you may slip in to identifying with those thoughts just because they are a

Higher form of thought but you are not those neither but that will for sure still lead you into an ongoing suffering that truly isn’t necessary now the ego isn’t all bad it’s very powerful but it can be used to either create hell or your desired heaven

The biggest trick that it pulls is the one where it makes you believe that separation exists and it creates these characters and personalities that you have wrongfully been identified with for years or maybe even decades it has created an amazing illusion of you being a person when in fact you are

Actually nobody at all there is nobody truly here The one that claims to be here is simply just another thought it’s a collection of thoughts it’s just a story I’ll give you an example by using a name and then I will get into how to reach that state of nobody-ness and pure peace so a vessel is Born the moment this vessel comes out they give this vessel a label or what we call a name his name is Jack

Years go by and this personality of Jack appears to be very very real Jack has a past Jack has beliefs Jack has opinions Jack suffers from anxiety check claims to be the thinker of thoughts Jack claims to be the doer of life and he also claims to have a life but if you can step back and ask yourself well where does Jack exist

You’ll realize that it is all in the mind Jack doesn’t exist in the body if he does wear and the body does he exist Jack doesn’t exist in the external world without the mind you cannot find Jack plus you are not the body the body is a

Vehicle we use for The Human Experience Jack is just the label given to the vessel before they label the vessel what were you before this story and personality was created by the mind what were you it’s very important to ask yourself these questions don’t just listen to

These videos and let this be the only time you inquire about your existence you have to do this work on your own at some point it’s very simple yet very powerful So how do we reach this state of nobody-ness and pure peace and presence well first you have to accept that thinking about life is not living it thoughts about life art life itself it’s just thoughts about it life exists outside of the Mind meaning you have to drop those thoughts

About Jack’s past drop the thoughts about Jack’s future and his desires act as if in this very moment you just became conscious eat completely ignorant to everything you have to let go of language Let Go of labeling the things you perceive don’t label your TVA TV see what it is

Without labels meaning experience life without the mind there is this deep-rooted belief in the mind that if we stop thinking we won’t be able to control life well good news you’re not in control and the opposite of what you think will happen will happen thinking about life is a reason suffering even exists

With the story of your past and future gone with the story of your life gone you will become nobody and realize that without those stories of the mind and without identifying with who you think you are you still exist not as a person but as everything when

You drop everything you realize you are everything you are beginning to realize Oneness the moment you realize you are a nobody you will realize there literally has nobody here everyone you think of is simply just another thought it’s just another ego because they truly aren’t as somebody else they are you

Look past appearance look past the conditioning of programming of the ego and you will find yourself one way to view so-called others is seeing them as Just Energy not as humans but as energy only also viewing Your Vessel as Just Energy because that’s what these vessels truly

Are they are just energy they aren’t even solid there’s no such thing as solids So if you aren’t who you think you are you may be wondering well what am I you are everything you are the foundation of existence you don’t have a life you are literally life itself you are that which exists behind all experiences you really have to see Life as a game or

A dream because it is you are gone dreaming we are all God as one having multiple dreams at once it’s just that you gained an attachment with the character in this dream and it’s so strong that you began believing that you are this character

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