Become Empty & Realize You Are Everything. A Guided Transformational Meditation ( BreakThrough! )

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Full Transcription:
If you would like to download this meditation after click the first link in BIO thank you please get comfortable and if possible find a very quiet place for these next 20 minutes take a deep breath and close your eyes let’s begin The eyes are the window to our external reality once they are closed the outside no longer exists in your direct experience right now the external doesn’t exist realize that everything is happening within you Foreign the mind it’s constantly active for most of us from the very moment we wake up to when we lay down to rest the body most of the world rarely has these moments of Stillness the mind is in full control and you’re on autopilot you receive the same thoughts every day you

Do the same things every day even though we all want to break certain habits we allow the mind to hold us back but the thing is you don’t need the mind to go through your day-to-day experiences the mind is what makes things appear so difficult and causes suffering it labels everything it judges

Everything it says these feelings are good and these feelings are bad it’s constantly replaying the story of your character’s life it can be a burden right Well through this meditation you will experience the Stillness I speak of you will realize what you truly are and you will shift into a completely different way of living and experiencing this experience one where you feel whole simply from just being not needing anything of this material world to fill those voids one

Where you care but you just no longer mind anything you’re not in your head about what’s happening one where you are free from being yourself because that’s what we all truly desire but you will realize today that you were never yourself to begin with let’s take three deep breaths and

With every exhale relax Into being because you aren’t doing anything meditation isn’t a doing it’s something that is happening and what you truly are is just aware of it you are not doing anything just be aware be here notice that the body is within this awareness not the other way around

So for now don’t identify with the body you can go back into the illusion of being the body after but for now just be foreign I will now guide you into becoming empty the very moment you realize these vessels are empty you will realize that what you truly are is actually full of

Everything let’s first let go of Who You Think You Are what is your character’s name whatever it may be it’s not important it’s irrelevant right now you are not a name names are given to us as labels and you didn’t even choose it without your name realize that you still have that feeling

Of existing right now you are nobody let go of the label no need to repeat I am nobody and I don’t have a name in the mind simply just be here without it this is very easy and simple for you no need to try to figure out who you are

Without a name just be Now let’s let go of the story of this character’s life you see you don’t have a life you are life the past is attached to the character’s name but also the past only appears to exist in the mind the past doesn’t exist you’re just constantly imagining it let me explain

Now I am not saying things never happened they did but they didn’t happen in the past they happened in the present moment the only moment we truly ever have and you’re just having memories of the present moment Yes there are memories but memories aren’t real they are imaginary you have to imagine something to remember it it’s just another creation of the mind if you want to realize the truth of your being you must see this to be true right now it’s a creation and an illusion of the

Mind and some of you may be triggered by this because you identify with this story but it’s not even your story Let It Go Just For Now let go of Who You Think You Are You are not whatever your name is and you’re not the story attached to this name realize that those ideas only exist in the mind you cannot find a thought anywhere without the mind’s activity what is left don’t answer this just realize what’s left to hear and see truth These vessels are empty how is it that if you let go of everything you still exist you don’t exist as the body and mind but as awareness as pure Consciousness only awareness can be aware and I want you to realize this now everything you have been taught is a lie

Just accept this for now you were told to you are the very moment the body you are experiencing manifested here as soon as the body was born they already labeled you with a name as that vessel begins growing they teach you who you are for example they tell you that

You are the body the parents say point to your nose show me your hands point to your feet so through programming and conditioning the mind has created The Narrative of I am this body the body never told you that you were the body to cause the body doesn’t think

The Mind does you are experiencing a body it’s not yours you don’t own it once this body dies it goes back to nature but that doesn’t mean don’t take care of it and to not have a strong connection with it just don’t identify with it what were you before the world told you

Who you are The only truthful answer to that would be awareness because with knowing anything at all and I mean being completely ignorant the only thing that can be said is I’m aware but even saying I am aware isn’t the answer the answer is found through the experience Through the experience of knowing and being nothing so for a couple minutes drop everything know nothing because ignorance is bliss forget about language no need to label anything because you don’t know what it is no need to try to figure anything out or do something because you know nothing

There is no good and bad just drop everything what would a newborn’s experience be like get to that state But realize that it’s effortless no need to try because it’s your natural state just be this is easy and simple for you Foreign Foreign The more and more you sit in that being eventually this peaceful state will begin Rising within you the truth of reality will begin being realized the truth of what you are will be seen and the mind’s Illusions will no longer have a pull on your attention and energy You see what you truly are is everything separation is also an illusion and story of the mind it’s the ego that perceives separation in the eyes of your natural state what you are is everything and it’s not a conceptual knowing it’s what’s being experienced foreign if I’ve realized that I’m not the body

And mind that means nobody is the body and mind and everyone is this Consciousness awareness talking about it doesn’t do anything labeling what we are is also a creation of the mind you have to realize it Let’s take another deep breath and I will ask you to open your eyes for the rest of the meditation keep your eyes open I want to try something foreign so open your eyes now thoughts began arising did you begin labeling and thinking about what’s being said why you don’t need to

Just because your eyes are open doesn’t mean you have to get out of that state continue to just be and know nothing even if thoughts and stories are rise in the mind let it be you don’t know what language is things are just happening

I want you to look at a wall but I am your direct experience don’t label it a wall testy with it in reality is nothing and you don’t know what it is don’t label the external look at things in your environment without labeling it we don’t need the mind right now

Notice that all this is within your awareness it’s within what you truly are even the body is within what you are along with the mind just realize it don’t label it don’t identify with anything you can perceive because you are not anything that has form You are formless you are like space you can’t see the space in your room or even outside but there is a knowing of it and everything exists within it within you your body is within space your house is within space your neighborhood is within space you’re a city your estate your country

The world the universe is all within space it’s all within you you and verse but no need to know this just be it and notice how you can never not be this space because everything happens within it anger overthinking suffering and comfortable Sensations all of it happens

Within you and not to you nothing can happen to what you truly are even if the body is experiencing pain that pain is being experienced within you not to you you can’t do anything to space to awareness it’s not possible so stop identifying with form with thoughts with

The body with opinions with the story of the character’s life it’s not what you are now you don’t need me anymore you don’t need 50 more spiritual videos you don’t need anything the one who claims to need something is just another thought you are already everything you’re

Already whole now if you still have seeking energy going that’s fine there is nothing wrong with that but realize that what you are looking for is already here and it’s always been and will always be here so don’t get confused and think you need more information to realize what is

Already here don’t believe you need to go somewhere to get here it’s here you are here foreign I want to thank you all and once again if you would like to download this meditation click the first link in BIO I love you all

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