People in America wanted “change” and they got what they asked for, many times. The problem is, they were not specific in their desire. Change has polarity, as good as it is bad … in equal measurement. All things have equal polarity. This is immutable Universal Law.

So, where do we stand today with the change that was promised. More wars, more terrorism, more murders, children killed by their parents, abuse, corruption, financial ruin, people getting thrown out of their homes, lost jobs and careers, adults and children without shelter or food, music and arts programs cancelled in our schools, toxic substances in our water and in our food, medicine that makes you worse, increased rates of disease and mental health … the list can go on for pages.

Bob Marley once said “before you point your finger at me, make sure your hands are clean.” Blame solves nothing. What is needed is a rock solid plan to bring people of the world back together. To have mutual respect and acceptance that we are not cookies cut from some mold at the bakery. We can have unity without uniformity. Surely … somewhere … among the living is a human being capable of sympathizing with global humanity and explaining the dire and severe consequences of this continuing negative thought and behaviour.

If you’re waiting for Jesus, or Mahdi, or any other Messiah to return … may I remind you that is was mankind who was commissioned by the Universe to bring order from chaos, light from darkness, and love from abuse. WE have to do it. We operate in as physical world of low vibrating energy called matter. This is our domain, and we’re in need of some serious house cleaning. It’s as if the zoo was abandoned, and the animals are now eating themselves.

Awaken from your slumber. The sports games, concerts, TV shows, Happy Hours, are all distractions to keep us busy and not thinking. Our jobs keeps us too busy to think. We are operating on a daily basis from 95% unconscious and subconscious Mind and only 5% conscious Mind. We have become Zombies … plugged into the Matrix program, and simply existing. It’s time we unplug from the program. It’s time we raise a voice for love, peace, compassion, and harmony. We have the numbers. Do we need another Hiroshima or Nagasaki? Do we need more concentration camps? Do we need government approved home invasions before we wake up? It’s time to STOP hitting the snooze button.

Everything in this Universe is ONE in shared universal unconsciousness. The Field. We all experience the entirety of Life inside our heads. You are in me, and I am in you. Check the latest Quantum Physics reports if you don’t believe what the ancients taught so long ago. WE MUST BE THE ONES TO ELIMINATE SUFFERING ON THIS EARTH.

If you’re a person who believes a Saviour will come and fix things … then if it happens, get started now and make it easier for them. Have dinner waiting when they get home. If you do not believe this teaching, it matters not. Start cooking. Start making a better world NOW. Before the earth starts over again … and this time without us.

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

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