Try and imagine a balancing scale. Not just for overall weight, but one that has to have something on two opposite sides. Kinda like the Scales of Justice image so familiar to us all. Got it?

Now, you know that in order to keep perfect balance, there must be the same amount of weight on one side as the other. If there are 100 quarters on side A, there must be 100 quarters on side B in order to keep the scale centered at zero thereby obtaining perfect balance and polarity.

If you take away a quarter from one side, you have to replace it with something of equal weight. Of course, you could take a quarter off of both sides and maintain equal balance as well. But this article is about replacement. So let’s say in order to balance the scales properly, they have to maintain a certain specified weight in totality. So, removing equal parts will not help you reach the goal specified.

Another quick example is that of a weightlifter. If you are going to lift up a set of barbells, there is always equal weight on both sides. You don’t want to lift weights with 50 pounds on the left, and 150 on the right. Your right arm will end up being way bigger than your left … thus … not achieving physical balance concerning your muscle structure. It will also hurt your back and other body parts because of the imbalance of the weights.

One of the Universal Laws is balance and polarity. There can’t be more on one side than the other. If you’re balancing a pencil on your finger, there has to be the same amount of pencil on one side as the other. This is Law. The secret of the universe is that all odds are 50/50. The casinos know it, the banks know it, the sports team owners know it, and the successful gambler knows it.

If you gamble, and you are at a casino, as long as you have deep enough pockets … you will win … eventually. The problem is that most people can’t afford to stay in play long enough for the rules of the universe to kick in. If you flip a coin 100,000 times … at the end of the 100,000, it will have landed 50,000 times face up, and 50,000 times tails up. You just have to be able to commit to lasting through the 100,000 flips. Understand?

Now let’s get back to balancing your thoughts. Thoughts become things. All thoughts will manifest into form. This is Universal Law. Cause and effect. As a man thinks, so he becomes. Sowing and reaping … ancient Laws. If you plant a watermelon seed, you will harvest watermelons. If you plant weeds, you will harvest weeds. The seed (thought) contains what will be brought forth in the harvest.

So knowing this valuable information … guard your thoughts very carefully. Your thoughts will lead to your actions and your behaviour. If you should have a “bad” or “dark/negative” thought … then just like the balancing scale … replace it immediately with a different thought that is good and positive. It wouldn’t hurt to actually say “cancel” out loud if a bad thought enters your mind. But you can’t leave a void. You can’t simply think “well I just won’t think about that again.” You have to negate it … by replacing it. You cant leave a hole, where something once occupied the space. Nature knows this. Try leaving a hole in a water puddle. Or poke a hole in the air.

Also very important … keep all thoughts on a level of positive polarity. meaning this: Do not say “I will not have a bad day” because the universe and the default of nature is creative. It does not comprehend “don’t. won’t, can’t, shouldn’t, etc.” If you say “I will NOT have a bad day” … your subconscious mind and the creative aspect of universal consciousness can only hear and understand “BAD DAY.” It cannot discern or comprehend the NOT. Same thing with anything else. Keep your affirmation, prayers, meditation, all in the range of positive polarity. Don’t say “I won’t drink today” because the Mind and the power of all that is creative can only understand “drink today” … and so you shall.

When you see a sign at the lake with a drawing of a man swimming with a red circle around it and a red line thru the circle … it means NO SWIMMING. But in our thought system, there is no understanding of the red circle and red line. If you’re NOT swimming, you are clearly do something else. Therefore, you cannot … NOT swim. You cannot … NOT park there. You cannot … NOT loiter. Your Mind and the universe knows that if you are not swimming, parking, or loitering … then you must be doing something else. You cannot … NOT … be doing something. Got it?

Now, back to thought. The immutable Law of cause and effect states that for every effect, there must first be a cause. In order for us to effect in form and matter … we must first have the thought. Thought always comes before manifestation. Even if you’re going to walk into the kitchen, you must first have the thought to walk into the kitchen.

When you experience ANY negative polarity thoughts, immediately REPLACE them with something of a positive polarity. For example … “this traffic scares me” VS. “I’ll be fine in this traffic.” or … “I will not be scared in this traffic” VS. “at least the traffic is letting me slow down my pace a bit.” Always … always … stay in the positive polarity position of thought and your Life (scales) will remain in balance. Your bad day, will soon be replaced by a great day. Know it. It is immutable LAW.

All things in this universe are energy and are as waves … up and down. Always up and down. When you truly understand this, your Life experience will be immensely better and so will everyone else around you … wondering what you’re doing that they aren’t. Be responsible. Be the change you want. And it will spread faster than word of free tickets for a reunion tour of your favourite band.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

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