Awakening To WHAT You Truly Are! ( Become Empty & Realize You’re TRUE Nature ) Guided Meditation

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Full Transcription:
Please get comfortable and find a quiet place to sit or lay down for these next 20 minutes During this meditation I will be guiding you into emptiness a very peaceful Dimension to where you have the opportunity to discover your true nature before we begin I need you to know that you will be safe and that this is very possible for you I also need you to realize that whatever

I will say is not information for the mind go beyond the mind and listen with presence nothing here needs to be conceptualized or thought about does pee here let’s begin you can actually keep your eyes open if you would like or keep them closed whichever is more comfortable for you

Let’s take three deep breaths and really feel what we label the body as you breathe in hand out Now throughout this meditation if thoughts rise don’t try to get rid of them meditation is not about getting rid of thoughts meditation is not about anything truly because it’s not an activity meditation is just being regardless if thoughts are here remain as the foundation from where thoughts rise from which is presence foreign Be curious to what experience a newborn may be experiencing the moment it is born don’t think or try to create an image of what that may be go directly to what experience it is experiencing and experience without identity meaning it’s clueless of what a body is it’s

Clueless of what a thought is it’s clueless of what language even is this is why we hear the saying ignorance is bliss because it truly has for a second I will guide you into letting go of everything leaving you with nothing but the truth of your nature

First thing I will ask you to let go of is your name so many toxic things are attached to your name such as the story of your life your past and future your opinions and beliefs and most importantly your identity you have a belief that you are

Your name but a name is simply just a label and it was attached to the vessel you are experiencing the moment it was manifested But realize that you still exist even without identifying with a name so just become a nobody in this moment allow yourself to let it go it is safe

Trust is Big here Just Surrender Your Name you don’t need it right now I mean you didn’t need it before you clicked on this meditation you weren’t even thinking about it so if the mind is now triggering fear this next Letting Go should help with this Please now let go of the identity with your votes Realize that you exist even when that voice is speaking you exist even when thoughts aren’t active realize this voice is just sound don’t see it as your voice it’s just sound or it’s just a voice don’t claim it if thoughts rise saying well how do I do

That go deeper that’s also not you go through those thoughts Notice the presence which thoughts arise from sound Rises out of nowhere notice and experience that nowhere Laughs allow what is to be just be everything’s happening within you not to you Now you may want to close your eyes for this next part if they aren’t closed already but it’s still possible for this next realization to be seen with your eyes open Please regardless of how it feels drop identification with the body if there is energy in the chest let it be it’s not you if the body is tense relax it it’s not you when you disidentify with the body you will also realize that trying to resist emotions Falls away

Because you move to observant place to where you realize you aren’t what’s being experienced you are that which is aware of it I found that going back to being completely ignorant to this experience can help you disidentify with a lot of these things so don’t even label the body the body

Don’t even label thoughts thoughts don’t label the emotions really just be here if you can and you can drop all labels and ideas and Concepts and practices you will discover the nature of this reality because what’s here without labels and Concepts don’t answer that experience it no nothing be nothing and just be It’s so safe here trust it allow this not knowing to take over don’t even try to figure out what presence is it will reveal itself once you let go No need to think about what I am pointing to but if thoughts arise aloud no it’s not you forget about language be ignorant If the mind is always seeking and asking questions like well what am I am I God am I Consciousness how do I find myself well it’s a lot more powerful to realize what you are not first because once you let go of those identities the only

Thing left is what you have always been I may say you are God and you are Consciousness but what even is that those are just labels there is nothing I can truly say about it I can only point you to it there is no concept or idea that will confirm what you truly are it’s just

That the Mind believes there is this is why seeking continues you must experience your true nature first then you will realize why I say we are God as one or we are Consciousness but you’ll also realize those labels are just labels what you are is the foundation of

Reality Jesus compared our nature to the sky or what the Bible calls is heaven and I like to say space you can’t imagine it you can’t touch it you can’t capture it you can’t even see it you can only be it you are not the body because the body is

Within space it’s within you all of these vessels are within you nothing can exist without space but space can exist without nothing meaning nothing can exist without you what you exist without nothing because in a way you are nothing but also everything And of course that’s very confusing for the mind to comprehend and that’s because it can’t go deeper realize that even those thoughts are within you they aren’t even yours they are just thoughts Rising within what you are no need to claim them as my thoughts you don’t even have to label them as

Thoughts go beyond labels and just be with what is it is what it is and there’s no reason to know what it is because ignorance is bliss You have to go beyond the ego go deeper go beyond who you think you are realize who you think you are also appears to exist within what you truly are meaning you think you are truly doesn’t exist it’s just a false creation of the Mind It’s just the ego and even the ego doesn’t truly exist because there is no one here to claim having one ego is just an activity of the mind it’s not cementity in the mind it just may appear that way and you don’t have to try to get rid of

It to awaken you just have to go beyond it no need to fight it or label it bad just go deeper and Trust If the ego is creating all these what-if situations and fears go through it if it’s bringing up thought about the future and your past drop it all become completely empty you have no past you have no future all you have is now Experience as if you were just born in this very moment let it all go it’s safe the only thing that may claim that it’s not is the mind The ego actually can get pretty scary and you’re about to break through it may begin saying things like if I keep going I might die it may even try to take an identity of a demon it does have an intelligence and defense mechanisms because it doesn’t want to die

But I promise it’s all Bs you are safe and if you ignore it you’ll see Take a deep breath For the remainder of this meditation I want you to build a strong relationship with presence regardless of what’s within you stay here because what you are seeking for is here it’s not somewhere in the future it’s here Foreign Foreign Foreign You may open your eyes thank you for taking time for yourself

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