Awakening Is Definitely Possible For You.

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Full Transcription:
For a long time I had this underlying belief that maybe this isn’t possible for Me Maybe I can never be liberated from suffering maybe I’ll never reach my full potential and become the most authentic version of myself and maybe I’ll never truly embody my true nature

A lot of us actually have this belief deep down and may be unconscious of it but really ask yourself to you 100 percent believe that this is possible for you you need to be one hundred percent sure that you can 99 percent isn’t enough and if there is any doubt realize doubt is

Just a thought don’t listen to the excuses the Mind makes here too is possible now this isn’t to give you hope because in a way Oak just leads to more seeking and ultimately suffering this also is made for you to create some future life scenarios for when you are awakened you

Have no idea how life will be once you awaken nobody does because it’s impossible to conceptualize and thinking you know will stop you from actually realizing I know you hear me describing it but I’m just pointing to an experience because it’s actually unexplainable it’s not for

The mind to create some image of what it is it can’t and if it is that’s just a false thought Awakening cannot happen in the future and I know it feels like you may be working towards something but that’s exactly what’s holding you back from realizing it’s already here

What you are looking for is the one looking what you are waiting for is waiting for you to realize it’s already here even though there is no you that will realize it whatever we are we can call it God our Consciousness that’s what will realize itself that’s why it’s called self realization

It won’t be the person you believe yourself to be that will awaken because there is no me in the body to awaken jack is not going to awaken because Jack doesn’t exist it will be gone realizing itself as God or Consciousness realizing itself as Consciousness and it’s so tricky talking

About this because it’s not like a thing you can find it’s not an object it’s not something you can imagine or create or even think about it’s above the mind and for the mind that is confusing but it’s also very good news because it’s not found through the mind anyways

The Mind cannot know you and I know it thinks it can but it can’t you’ve been trying to search with the mind and obviously that’s never worked what you seek for can only be realized Now look for a tear not in some future moment because there’s no such thing as a

Future moment let go of that belief that there is a future and that there is time you have to inquire these things and prove it to yourself constantly until it becomes undeniable it’s really important and Powerful when you can separate the conceptual dream of the Mind from reality when you can

Clearly see what is a thought and what’s not without this discernment you may always be trying to look through Concepts to realize your nature you have to realize that the future is a part of the conceptual illusion of the Mind doubt fear anxiety worrying overthinking seeking the belief of being a person all

Of this is a part of the conceptual dream they’re all just filters that overlay reality they’re all just thought have you ever asked yourself what am I actually looking for and have you been honest with yourself with your answer are you looking for enlightenment are you looking for peace and happiness are

You looking to realize what you truly are and whatever answer the Mind comes up with is perfect there’s nothing actually wrong with those desires but in my experience the seek for those things causes resistance to everything that’s not what I want the moment anger would rise I would have this belief of I

Shouldn’t be feeling this right now this shouldn’t be happening or if thoughts that I wouldn’t want would rise I would constantly be asking why are these thoughts here I shouldn’t be having these thoughts and that have it brought a lot of self-doubt and self-judgment and self-hate I no longer believed there was

A way for me to escape suffering the more I tried the deeper I fell in but the moment I actually stopped caring and gave up the need for happiness and peace and Enlightenment it’s as if it reveals itself when you give up resisting to the flow of life you allow it to flow

You see it’s the mind that wants things not you you don’t want peace and you actually don’t want happiness you don’t want Enlightenment you just want to be to be okay with what is and that’s what true peace is to be okay with anger to

Be okay with sadness and not in a way to where you suffer from it so when it comes to the need to awaken it’s your need to awaken that can actually be blinding you from Awakening because when you claim you need something that’s coming from identification with the ego because you

Don’t need or want anything you’re already everything now this doesn’t mean if you get stabbed you don’t need a doctor or if you are starving to death you don’t need food you know what I mean and I’m not saying to give up spirituality it’s almost impossible once

You’re deep in any ways but stop searching for something that cannot be found it’s already here you are already here and this is why it’s possible for anyone to awaken because first it’s what you are and also because it’s always here make sure you’re not expecting to realize yourself in the future

You can only find yourself here you can have experience the most tragic life or even a very loving and peaceful life and still awaken there is no excuses when it comes to self-realization you can’t say well I don’t have time or I’m too busy well

Step outside of time let go of the story of your life and how things are in the external world and be here you can only realize it here of course get things done the deed to get done but you definitely have time the universe will make time for you if you want it

A good practice is to begin realizing what’s a thought and what’s not a thought take some time out of your day to just sit and continuously see okay the image of my face that appears constantly throughout the day is that what’s here or is that a thought realize

It’s just a mental image it’s a thought worrying is that a thought or is it what’s actually here wanting something to happen and having expectations is that what’s here or is that a thought the one who claims to be the Thinker is that what’s here or is that a thought it’s a thought

Also scan the body and see if you can find a me in it that sense of me is simply a sensation in the body notice that me is also just a thought and then see what actually here one more thing I’d also recommend is to pay attention to the stream of thought

And not the content in them we become so fixated on what the mind is saying just try realizing the flow of them instead let’s say rocks are flowing down a stream instead of looking at each Rock and trying to find out why it’s there and what it’s doing instead of following

The Rocks down the stream stand on the outside and just watch the stream and the Rocks go past focus on the flow of Consciousness this is very powerful and it will help you see what a thought and what’s not so if you’re really serious about Awakening to what you truly are you will

Awaken there’s no doubt about that it is possible for you and you don’t have to wait for it to happen try to let go of what you think will happen though and keep returning to the flow of presence look for it here it’s a looking without the mind though

The mind only has content of the past and future it cannot think about nah you can only be now be here you will reveal yourself thank you foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign

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