Attention Is A SUPERPOWER! Control Attention & You’ll Control Reality ( VERY POWERFUL )

Videos by @YourHigherSelf_ – These vids have been fresh water to my thirst. Listen and enjoy.

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Full Transcription:
The only thing I see we have control is our attention everything else just flows on its own But your attention can also be control through your habits through programming and conditioning in this video you will realize how powerful it really is to gain back control of your attention the moment you can control your attention that’s the moment you’ll begin controlling your reality now when we hear control it sounds like

There is stress involved and effort but the act of controlling your attention is effortless let me show you so you have been listening to this video of the past 50 seconds but you probably also have been directing some of your attention to the thoughts that are in the background Without effort direct your attention to only the music in the background this isn’t a mental activity direct your energy and simply listen in presence to only the music effortlessly you don’t have to try to be aware of it it’s already here within your awareness Now if you have a strong connection with the power of your attention you were completely present in one with the music for those 30 seconds without mind activity if thoughts were Rising about how to do this or whatever that’s fine this is a process but really realize how powerful

Attention is wherever attention goes energy flows most of us have so much attention on what the mind is doing this is why you’re constantly having thoughts and overthinking Etc you’re probably someone who wouldn’t dealing with mind attacks you try to think your way out all you are doing is

Giving the mind more attention you can stop the Mind by using the mind the mind is so strong right now for you that it completely blinds the way out what you are looking for is already here it’s always been here and it can never not be here

Its presence it’s this very moment the mind is a lie I know how real it feels that it only feels that real because you’ve been giving so much attention and energy to it and for some time the mind will continue to pull on your attention once you begin

Trying to direct it somewhere else because it’s afraid right now there is a battle between the ego and soul they both want your attention but because you’ve been so identified and connected with the ego it’s what’s comfortable for you it’s all you know so you usually fall back into

It now the soul doesn’t want to fight but it’s constantly sending you signs and pulling on your attention waiting to show you what you truly are beyond the mind Remember wherever your attention goes energy flows my advice would be to direct your attention to the energy field of the body bring your attention out of the mind and into the body the mind is not in the head the mind has no physical form so you can bring attention to the head

There may be a lot of pressure there that you’ve never noticed it’s always been there but your attention is somewhere else The same way breathing is always happening but you never notice it’s because your attention is somewhere else There is no need to try to control life control is another illusion of the mind just control your attention life always takes care of life it’s the mind that worries not you a lot of our attention has been sucked into our phones and TV shows the moment

We feel bored or uncomfortable we pick up our phones so that our attention is off the pain in the body you’re probably not even conscious of that being the reason why but that’s why because you don’t like feeling uncomfortable next time right before you pick your phone up right before you get

That easy dopamine stop and direct your attention to the pain you’re always aware of everything because everything is already within you and you are everything just switch your attention to what you want to notice within your awareness remember it’s effortless when your attention is focused on the

Pain in the body don’t identify with it don’t label it trustee with it and eventually it won’t just go away it will move through the body because all it truly is is energy that’s all it is it’s not a negative emotion A couple ways to train to have control over your attention through meditation notice the breath even if thoughts arise your attention is on the breath and you can do it because your attention can be on thoughts while you’re breathing just switch it all that’s really here is consciousness

And attention we don’t control anything things are just happening the same way your heart beats without the idea of you doing it the same way breathing happens without the idea of you doing it life is doing the same thing it’s just happening it’s happening without the idea of you

Because the idea of you is just an idea you don’t exist it’s just a creation of the mind when will you realize that you are life itself nothing can exist without what you truly are you are everything you’re not a human having an experience you are the universe experiencing what it’s like to

Have a human experience you are God experiencing itself through millions of different perspectives my vessel is one perspective yours is another our experiences are different but what we are is the same and you can come to this realization don’t believe me don’t have beliefs realize and wake up to the truth there

Is no doubt in truth do not add I am God or Consciousness to your belief system be it realize it when you can control your attention you’ll be able to see what I have been trying to point you to I’m trying to direct your attention back to what you

Truly are use your attention not your mind not your thoughts not your imagination because those are all personal things that belong to the illusionary self that doesn’t even exist a human cannot awaken its Consciousness that will realize its Consciousness Jordan will not realize his Consciousness because Jordan doesn’t exist

It’s time to gain back control of your attention take this serious be disciplined but don’t resist what is you are more powerful than you know because your power is through being not knowing D in your power don’t need to know it

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