Accept That You May Not Be Just A Human ( The Key To Moving Forward On Your Journey ) REBIRTH

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Full Transcription:
At some point in your journey you must come to accept the unknown at some point you must make the decision to just accept that you may be something more than a human this is very important to do because you may be running into barriers barriers of resistance or barriers formed by your

Belief system you may have days where you feel your true being as the one and only Consciousness but then the next day you’re back to identifying with the body and mind or even when you have those moments of Stillness and Detachment from form it’s the mind that brings you back into

Believing you are a form when you’re able to just say okay I’m going to accept that I don’t exist as this character I’m going to accept that I am not the body regardless of how it feels I’m going to accept that I am not my thoughts something will begin opening up

See I think it’s more powerful to realize what you are not than it is to try to look for what you truly are because once you cross out the things you are not the only thing left is you so if you were to sit down and inquire continuously surrender to the fact that

What you truly are as formless no matter what if thoughts are Rises that are saying well what about this and what about that so what accept that you are not your thoughts accept that you are not the thinker of thoughts the one who claims to be the Thinker is just another thought

That will Rises a love will rise the moment you begin detaching your identity from those false identities to cause the ego is being threatened and it knows exactly how to grab your attention it may bring up your past or worry about what may happen it knows your triggers but for moments

Of practice just accept that no matter what those thoughts are at you and no need to keep repeating to yourself I am not my thoughts I am not my thoughts just accept it and B just be that awareness that’s just aware of experience none of what I am saying

Should be something you need to understand mentally I don’t need you nor do I want you to believe me you don’t need a belief system when it comes to the truth truth is pure knowing so know this prove it yourself through experience And if you’re asking well how do I do that well first you must know the nature of your being of God of consciousness of you you are and cannot be an object meaning you cannot be anything you are aware of so you cannot be the body to cause

Awareness is aware of it you cannot be your thoughts because awareness is aware of it you cannot be your beliefs or opinions or desires to cause you as what you truly are is simply aware of it you cannot be something that comes and goes like thoughts and you cannot be

Something that changes like the body what you are has never changed or went anywhere you were never born and you can never die you are everything I to make the comparison to space everything exists within you and nothing can exist without you without space nothing can be here

But space can be here without nothing So if you can just put away everything you have learned and everything you believe in and just accept that hey I’m something I cannot see I am something I cannot imagine or create and just be here with what is left This process to self-discovery will flow a lot easier for you It may be so confusing and difficult for you right now because you are resisting and battling with what is and you’re trying to find this mental concept that you believe will make everything make more sense you may believe that the Mind need a little more information to realize something that’s already here but

Instead of trying to figure out what you are and instead of watching 100 spiritual videos just accept your power accept that you are this unexplainable Consciousness if you don’t want to accept that you are God that you are everyone and everything just accept that you are not the body and mind regardless

You will come to realize what you truly are because it’s not about what you believe if a cat was dressed up as a dog its whole life even somehow developed to bark and then the owner tells him hey just so you know you’re a cat

The cap would say what the hell do you mean I’m a cat it also somehow can speak English now but the cat’s belief system so strong that no matter what you tell it it will resist the truth but then the owner takes the dog suit off and the cat

Sees that it’s a cat that belief will die I said this because beliefs are not one hundred percent correct there is so much doubt and belief this whole time you have been believing that you are this human body with a mind but if you had a peek into your true being you would

Never be able to go back to believing in that so drop all your beliefs if you seek truth only rely on the truth accept your truth stop falling back into the lies catch yourself every time and regardless of the situation realize what you are not when you make the choice to surrender

When you make the choice to give up the life he thought you had you will be shown what life truly is you will be shown what’s always been here behind the illusions of the mind that have been filtered over reality fear anxiety worrying about the future

Dreading the past all of it will be transcended and seen through suffering will no longer be able to exist but even suffering is a mental illusion now is enlightened at the solution for everything no it’s not I mean wouldn’t that be boring because then it would be like well what

Now it would be the end of the game I’m away yes it’s the end of the game but now you get to free roam you can go to your side quests and things like that you will still have life challenges you will still feeling emotions it’s not

Like you will never be mad again or sad again even though we are at human and you can wake up this knowing it doesn’t mean The Human Experience is over this also doesn’t mean you have to turn into a monk and sit alone and meditate for the rest of your experience if you

Want to that’s fine but you’re free you are now free to be you have awakened from this dream and it’s basically a lucid dream now you are God dreaming it’s a dream it’s time to wake up Thank you

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