A Message From Your Future Self! ( DONT IGNORE! )

Videos by @YourHigherSelf_ – These vids have been fresh water to my thirst. Listen and enjoy.

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Full Transcription:
Hello and welcome I am honored to be the one to translate the voice of your future self so that you can hear their message for you today there is no such thing as a coincidence everything you have done in your life has led you to this very video

So without further Ado if you would like you could close your eyes or keep them open just as long as you are listening closely your future self is now present with you and will now begin to speak through me if any of this resonates with you let me know in the comments

Hey it’s you speaking but from the future I am you and you are me it’s trippy because I remember this very moment the moment I watch this video at first I was just like it’s just another video it doesn’t mean anything but certain things from this video will

Stick with you because it still sticks with me at this point in our life things been a little confusing well actually more uncomfortable than confusing a lot of switching between that old version of ourselves in this new and improved version I need you to notice your anger towards

Yourself you beat yourself up and be disappointed in yourself whenever you slip back into those lows we need to revisit those lower vibrations because there are lessons down there that we needed so instead of looking at those times as something negative start being curious of how you feel and why you are

Feeling that way I shouldn’t be telling you this because I don’t want you to become impatient but our breakthrough is very close please be patient though the universe is always working for us your work is not going unnoticed we are very very special and if you

Don’t already believe this I am here to tell you that very soon you will see you will see why you had to deal with so much pain you will see why your past had to happen the way it happened you will see why those relationships didn’t work out

You see why you constantly been seeing Angel numbers frequently why your dreams have been so vivid it’s a great time to be alive right now also understand that you are not alone on this journey millions of people are experiencing the same exact emotional rollercoaster ride even though I’m you from the

Quote-unquote future I’m always with you I’m just a mindset an emotional change away that’s it I’m just a switch of awareness away this also applies with our younger self you can talk to both us whenever you want because we are you and we are always here it’s up to you to notice

That though but the pain is going away I know how uncomfortable it may be right now but try your best to let the thoughts and judgments of how you feel go away and just show compassion for your feelings no matter how uncomfortable it may be it’s just a feeling and no feeling is

Bad it’s only bad once you add the mental stories to it the struggle is going away the fight between who you use to be and who you are becoming is coming to an end but you have to start allowing that to happen you have to stop resisting everything it’s just making things worse

And making the process take longer when you aren’t resisting anything you are in a state of receiving this makes it easier for the universe to deliver everything that you have ever wanted to you including me it makes us become closer and closer and eventually you will become me fully

Today is a very special day another shift has taken place I’m so glad you were able to hear this message please stay positive understand that you are protected and you are safe and the key to everything you want is within so just continue doing exactly what you

Have been doing one thing I need you to do more though is take conscious breaths place all of your awareness on the inhale and exhale this will stop thoughts round you in the present moment and raise your vibration I’m so excited for you to experience your blessings

They are on the way thank you and I will talk to you soon

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