5 Ways To Raise Your Vibration RIGHT NOW

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Full Transcription:
In this video you will learn five guaranteed ways to raise your vibration instantly your state of being is determined by the frequency you are vibrating at we are like radios we can tune into these vibrations to create our state of being allowing us to create our own realities

Okay so what are the five ways number five say thank you thank you for what nothing when we say the words thank you we are sending a signal to the brain that we have just received something the brain thinks everything that’s going on in your head is actually happening

So it doesn’t know if you received something or not this why people suffer from their past and have anxiety about the future because the brain thinks those things are happening right now thank you number four stop thinking about yourself so much you may be too self-aware for your own good

You analyze every single thing you judge yourself way too much let go of the story in your head and be as present as possible your life won’t fall apart if you stop thinking about thinking about it probably has made it fall apart Meditation the practice of meditation allows you to get into a state to where you can observe your thoughts and feelings you get into that neutral vibration allowing you to observe everything without reacting to it you just watch it play out we already observe everything if we didn’t it wouldn’t exist but we

Tend to fall into the things we observe so try meditating if you can change your reactions to things you can change your life and the best reaction is no reaction number two inner body awareness this is one of my favorite ways to stay grounded within the present moment

When you can have some awareness inside of the inner body your thoughts will slow down or completely disappear being present will naturally raise your vibration having no thoughts will naturally raise your vibration the thing about this practice is that you can do it all day 24 7. start involving your inner body

Awareness with everything you do even while watching this video don’t watch it with your mind watch it with your body and last but not least drum roll please no okay never mind number one stop caring now i’m not saying to be heartless i’m saying to stop caring about the

Things that make you feel bad that goes for people your thoughts anything that makes you feel bad just let things be and don’t react to them instead only care about the things that make you feel good this is your life you are allowed to feel any way you want to feel

You don’t need anything outside of you to feel good you have the option to feel good just because it feels good to feel good apply these things to your daily life and watch things change for you in days make sure you subscribe make sure you subscribe make sure you subscribe

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