5 Ways To Experience The NO THOUGHT State – Take Back Control Of Your Life

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Full Transcription:
In this video you will learn five ways to experience the state of no thought s have been controlling your life for way too long it’s one of the dominant reasons why we suffer depression comes from thinking about the past not being able to allow yourself to be happy because of past experiences

Anxiety comes from worrying about the future it’s all starts in the head even fear but luckily everyone even you can recover and completely let go of these mental challenges you face and the state of no thought you have no thoughts no thoughts about the past or

Future or your life you are fully in the present moment the more and more you can allow yourself to get in this state the more you start to overcome your mental challenges so let me give you my five ways to enter this Blissful state number five becoming aware of the energy

In your hands take a moment to close your eyes and notice that you have hands there is no need to think about your hands or think about the feeling simply just feel your hands feel your fingers you can feel the pulsing sensation inside of your hands or the tingling

Feeling the goal is to keep your main focus on your hands thoughts may be in the background but they will eventually slow down and then completely disappear bringing you into the present moment of no thought number four asking yourself what will my next thought be and then wait for it

Doing this stops the thoughts in your head it’s like when someone says I have to tell you something and then you just wait for them to start talking but they never do fun fact you never know what you will think next we all have moments of no thought but we

Never notice it when you are aware that you are not thinking something special happens number three meditation the meditation practice isn’t done to get rid of thoughts if you are meditating to get rid of thoughts you aren’t meditating and you will never get rid of those thoughts

When you meditate the goal is to just observe everything going on inside and outside of you without judgment to be in a non-reactive state and noticing that you are here in this moment right now but thoughts will disappear naturally if you meditate the correct way meditating

Will allow you to be in no thought for a longer period of time you should try it number two relax and realize you don’t need to control anything have you noticed the more you try to get rid of thoughts the more they come it’s because wherever your attention

Goes energy flows and you forcing your hardest to let go of thoughts is just giving them more attention you have to find the courage in you to just let things be stop being so reactive just stop caring for a moment your thoughts will slowly disappear and your attention will be here in the

Present moment and number one surround yourself with nature being in nature will naturally grab your attention to keep you grounded in the present moments pay attention to the trees so how still they are even when the wind is blowing their branches at the root there still and non-bothered

You can be this way with your thoughts you’re grounded and you don’t let thoughts control you also look at the sky you are the sky and the clowns are your thoughts they just come and go and pass by and the sky isn’t affected by the clouds coming

These were in no specific order because some other each techniques better for them experiment with these to find out which works best for you and stick to you for a week watch The Clarity and peace enter your life thank you for liking and subscribing thank you so much

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