4 Powerful Ways To Take Back Control Of Your Life TODAY!

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Full Transcription:
Hello and welcome for a lot of us we have let others and our environment affect us emotionally and mentally causing us to change our behavior and step away from our authentic self causing us to give all of our precious Life Energy away and leaving us drained in return

Well the truth is it’s all your fault it’s your fault that you continue to feel the way you feel as kids we really didn’t have a choice but as young teens and adults you have to become aware and take full responsibility for the way you feel

You see nobody can make you mad or sad or angry or scared only if you allow them to it all starts with you you have the ability to choose how you want to feel about any and everything no matter what that situation may be this should be an eye-opening realization for you

Knowing that you can choose how you want to feel without needing validation from others that’s how much power you truly have now I will tell you a couple ways you can start taking your power and energy back so that you can live the life you choose to live

Number one practice say inner body awareness this is one of the most effective ways to get your power and energy back most of us live in our heads and are fully disconnected from our bodies we use to live life through our bodies as kids before switching to the

Mind return back to your body constantly 24 7. if you really want to see progress fast a quick way to bring awareness into the body is through conscious breathing place all your awareness on feeling how your body feels when you breathe feel the inhale feel the pause and feel the

Exhale you don’t need thoughts to feel just feel and set your intentions to feel more and more in your body on every inhale this will be very uncomfortable for you at first because you haven’t been with a body in years probably but find the courage to sit with the discomfort it

Will naturally go away inner body awareness will keep you grounded and present within your own energy you will feel a lot more safe and the body and will no longer need to give your energy away to feel safe setting boundaries will be easy and people pleasing will go away plus you will gain

The ability to choose how you want to feel number two meditation meditation and inner body awareness together is very powerful meditating daily will help you realize that you are not your thoughts you will be able to experience what it’s like to be the Observer of them instead of identifying with them

All of your suffering comes from the mind it’s not the situations in your life that makes you feel the way you feel it’s your thoughts about the situation a situation or feeling arises and instantly you begin to believe everything that’s going on in your head you believe the negative and limiting

Beliefs that hold you back from reaching your full potential once you can detach from them they will no longer affect you yes they will still be there but you won’t react to them at all you’ll probably start laughing at them because you understand that you are not them eventually those negative thoughts go

Away and the positive ones will replace them don’t identify with those neither there are still thoughts this process will bring back so much of your energy and power number three gratitude people preach gratitude so much because it really is powerful when you practice gratitude anxiety cannot exist are you

Are grateful nothing negative can exist within you or being grateful that’s how powerful this feeling is and remember it’s a feeling not a thought you can use thought to help feel that feeling but really focus on feeling it one way to practice this is to just say

Thank you throughout the day just say it for no reason your brain thinks you are receiving something when you say or think thank you so it will bring up a subtle feeling of gratitude but you can be thankful for so many things be grateful for your breath for

Your fun for your legs and arms be grateful for the universe and God be grateful that you have a chance in life to change and become better the list goes on and on when you can constantly feel good you will begin to attract your power back and your energy back you will

Also begin attracting nothing but good things you attract what you are not what you think you are and this leads me into number four Feel Good Just because it feels cold to feel good you don’t need anything outside of yourself to feel good I know it’s easier

Said than done but it’s very possible we all know feeling good feels good so what’s stopping you from feeling good right now it’s probably your environment and your thoughts but you can block those things out and simply focus on feeling your body and just trying to feel good because it

Feels good to feel good you don’t need permission from anyone to feel good and you don’t need anything material to feel good you can simply imagine yourself with everything you ever wanted and you’ll begin to bring those feelings from your imagination to this very moment if you can believe in

All the negative stories your mind makes up why can’t you believe in something positive if you can feel bad from a thought that means you can feel good from a thought it’s all about allowing yourself to feel good Stop Believing you aren’t worthy and ready yet to feel a Feeling

Once you take your power back well the World is Yours at that point there will be nothing that can break you there will be nobody who can hurt your feelings you will become a very powerful manifester and you will finally be back in control over your life

Liberated from Pain and free from the suffering and the illusions of the Mind so please do this for yourself you deserve it thank you for subscribing and watching you are very powerful

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